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The open road. The unbeaten path. The overlooked corner of the city. We are urban explorers who like nothing more than to get lost for a few hours, or days, and share these experiences through our writing and photography.

Our kind of travel isn’t luxurious or lazy. We don’t go to new places to be pampered or sheltered from the rest of society. We travel to make ourselves uncomfortable – physically and mentally. To learn a new way of life. To experience a new point of view. Most of all, we like to go outside and play.


We started traveling together shortly after graduating from college. We went to places like Chicago, Amsterdam and Playa del Carmen. Then, we visited our first national park together and something clicked. We’ve since spent a lot of time driving around the country to places like Yellowstone, Zion, Glacier, Badlands, Rocky Mountain and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks.


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But these trips take several weeks to complete and we both hold down full-time jobs. So we often take mini trips to nearby places. These trips are almost always impromptu outings that we dream up days or hours before heading out the door.

As a result, we’ve traveled all over the Upper Midwest, the Desert Southwest and now the Pacific Northwest. Not only have we seen things a lot of locals have never even heard of, we’ve gained a greater appreciation of and respect for the unique beauty of these regions. Very few places can match the variety of natural wonders that exist here, the genuine goodness of the people who live here, and the magic of undiscovered, wide-open spaces that abound here.


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We look forward to sharing our many adventures with you!

~Robin and Luke

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