The Art of Distraction

It’s safe to say we’re all feeling uneasy right now. How could we not? 

We’re collectively staring into a gaping black hole of uncertainty that gets wider every day. Our personal freedoms are shrinking along with our ability to connect with other humans in a way that feels normal. We’re all looking at each other through the lens of fear and bias. I’m healthy. are you? I’m hunkering down; are you? 

There’s no right or wrong way right now – we’re all flailing. And the more social and traditional media I read, the more I start to get trapped in my own web of fear. 

So, I’m turning to an old fashioned comfort: storytelling. It’s carried soldiers out of the trenches, our grandparents through the Depression, and early explorers across uncharted lands.

Sharing tales laced with nuance and complex character development brings me back to my days as a child with an active imagination. This (and running) is how I feel most human. 

I’ll be posting new stories as regularly as possible. They will not be in chronological order. Some will have occurred years ago, some months, some days. But I will try to fill them with color and light so we can all take a little mental holiday from the internal voice telling us it’s officially time to panic. 


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