My First (real) Byline

After a lot a struggling, waiting, trying and failing, I finally got my work published. It happened almost accidentally. I had been contacting the editor of National Parks Traveler for a year or so, trying to get him to buy my writing. Randomly, I emailed him to pitch some content for the website regarding a recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. Kurt immediately emailed me back, asking if I could turn around a “three days in the Smokies” piece by Sunday (it was Thursday). He needed to include it in the Essential Park Guide – Fall 2015, which was going to print the following week.

I agreed to do the job and sweat blood cranking out 1,200 words over the course of two-days. My siblings proofed my copy and assured me it was not a load of crap (nerves). A few weeks later, I opened a glossy catalogue to see my name in print and my likeness gracing the cover image of the article. A special shout-out to Luke Daniel Photo for supplying the images.

Check out the link below for a copy of the finished piece. I hope you enjoy!

National_Park_Advocates_LLC_Essential_Park_Guide_Fall_2015 _rp

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