Journey to Montana and Back in 10 Days

Luke and I spent the first part of September getting lost in Montana’s wilderness. We’ve both wanted to visit Glacier National Park for a few years, but the driving distance has prevented us from making actual plans to do so. After some careful stringing together of holiday and Summer Friday time, we were able to weasel out of our adult commitments and go see some glaciers. In typical fashion, we left with a loosely planned itinerary:

o   Thursday – Train departs @10:10 pm

o   Friday – All day on train. Arrive in Whitefish, MT @ 8 pm. Night in hotel.

o   Saturday – Pick up car. Campsite reserved at Fish Creek.

o   Sunday – Open

o   Monday – Open

o   Tuesday – Hike to Cracker Lake. Backcountry campsite reserved.

o   Wednesday – Hike back from Cracker Lake.

o   Thursday – Open. Night in Whitefish hotel.

o   Friday – Train departs @ 4:36 am. (ouch)

o   Saturday – Arrive home at 8:30 a.m.

We strayed from this itinerary a bit due to train delays and inclement weather conditions. Fortunately, we’ve both learned to embrace the wonderful unpredictability of travel. Plus, attempting to structure free time is a futile exercise anyway.

I was once again reminded of how much activity can be squeezed into a day when freed from the shackles of electronic distraction devices and other commitments. In an effort to hold your interest and not overwhelm you with too much detail at once, I’ll share the highlights of our trip in small batches over the coming days. Stay tuned for tales of triumph over the elements, folly involving pit toilets, and a healthy, yet misguided fear of large wildlife.

To Be Continued…

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