River Road Trip

River Road Trip

Photo by Luke Melchert: http://lukedanielphoto.com/

It was a beautiful late summer day, so my husband and I decided to take an impromptu road trip along the Mississippi River. We jumped in our car and headed south from Minneapolis, crossed over into Wisconsin and picked up the Great River Road in Prescott.

After 90 minutes of winding through tiny artist villages and beneath towering bluffs, we were cruising down Main Street in Alma. The entire city is registered as a historic district and it’s easy to imagine horse drawn carriages traveling down this same road.

We wound our way up the side of a steep bluff to Buena Vista Park. High above the town, we looked out over miles and miles of river valley below. We had just enough time to watch the sun dip behind the bluffs on the Minnesota side, then spray brilliant beams of orange, pink and purple across the wide open sky and onto the river’s many islands and the imposing power plant.

The rocks were extremely slippery on the outlooks, worn smooth by thousands of curious travelers like us. No doubt the others also left with the distinct feeling that life was different along the river.

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