Clearwater Beach – the right amount of camouflage and class.

Clearwater Beach - the right amount of camouflage and class.

Old, young, families and singles all agree on one thing: this stretch of sand is one of the finest in the world.

Powdery white sugar sand perfectly offsets the blue-green waters of the Gulf. This beach is wide and long enough to accommodate everyone and their interests, whether it’s a game of volleyball, building the ultimate sand castle, or simply digging toes into the warm sand from a perfectly neutral position atop a beach blanket.

The birds are well trained in their ambush tactics and will prey upon the weak and unsuspecting. Meaning, they know you have potato chips and will forcibly relieve you of them. (Another lesson learned the hard way.)

Regardless of how you choose to spend your day, be sure to stay for the sunset. Nothing is quite as romantic as watching the sun dip directly in the water and lingering a few minutes past to take in the light show. Note how the fading light makes the sand appear even more vibrant. Some people may even applaud the sun and thank it for another wonderful day’s work.

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