The Greatest Taproom in a City of Great Taprooms

The Greatest Taproom in a City of Great Taprooms

I stumbled upon Indeed Brewing Company and Taproom while exploring the northeast Minneapolis Arts District one winter afternoon. It’s a warmly lit, wide-open yet cozy space that welcomed me right in. Groups of friends were seated in wooden booths and around large round tables. The long bar employed a genius feature I wish all bars would implement: instead of forcing patrons to muscle through those seated along the bar, there is a designated space for ordering. You wait your turn in line, pay the bartender, and take your own drink back to the table. How very egalitarian!

There is always a food truck parked outside serving some variation of exactly what you want to be eating while sipping Indeed’s stellar selection of rotating and regular brews.

There are so many reasons to love this taproom, including an eclectic, laid-back crowd, attentive and friendly bar staff, and the bike-friendly location in NE—not to mention the beer, but then, that sort of speaks for itself around here.

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