Haunting ruins beautifully preserved

Haunting ruins beautifully preserved

Saint Boniface Cathedral resides regally across the Red River from downtown Winnipeg, despite the fact that it’s literally a shell of its former self. An iron gate protects a walkway lined with gravestones leading up to the facade of the old structure, which was built in 1906 and burned in 1968. The fire destroyed most of the original features, including a large, round rose window. Its gaping hole is the most notable reminder of what once was a beautiful basilica.

We drove past the cathedral during the day and decided to visit it again at night. The structure takes on an entirely different feel at night, thanks to strategic lighting placed along the perimeter of the stone walls. A small photography crew was shooting here and used a fog machine to add additional drama to the haunting, yet majestic space. It’s fun to imagine what the cathedral used to look like as you explore the ruins of what remains.

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  1. Though I’m only 29 I still remember when it burned! (lol 29 is a big fat lie)

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