A Modern Dilemma

A Modern Dilemma

Social media mildly plagues me. I’m obsessed with it one day; exhausted by it the next. I actually know how to use most of it, but not well enough to amass a sizable following. My biggest claim to fame is having slightly more than 200 Instagram followers and I feel the loss of every one that stops following me.

Every once in a while, I have to stop myself from feeling inferior to my acquaintances who have a much larger social following. (I actually know a few of the “Top Twitterers” in Minneapolis.) How I feel about my social life is not dependent on “likes” and my blessings are not counted in retweets.

This clarity has the immediate effect of pulling my head from my arse and seeing the world in a way my grandparents, parents and older siblings do: for what is immediately in front of us at this very moment in time. So go outside kids, stretch out your range of vision and start communicating to each other in more than 140 characters. It will change your world.

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